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Optari releases new “selftees”

Posted on September 25 2018

Optari, known for their bright colored bags and accessories, has released a new fun product - with a purpose. Different from the other items, which normally encourage outdoor activity and creativity, this product encourages individuality and personal strength. It’s a cute tee that goes beyond apparel with the inspirational phrase “Believe in Yourself” where the “be you” is emphasized. 

In a world where conformity and social expectations can easily grasp the younger generation of young women, it becomes more important to constantly build them up and remind them to be themselves. Social media only exerts these unrealistic expectations, which is where many kids spend much of their free time. Instead of watching the social pages and desiring someone else’s situation, the phrase is to encourage time spent on yourself. Exploring your strengths and weaknesses, believing in your goals and desires, and always expressing your true self. 

Girls need to feel empowered to tackle all life’s challenges but also instances which women are currently not prevalent. Whether that be sports, academics, or extracurricular activities, they should feel supported and excited to try the things that truly interest them. The gender specifications assigned are slowly fading, and we are here to help push those girls beyond the limits of their fears and hesitations. Believe in yourself. Be you. And let us know what that looks like to you. #selftees 


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